Thanks for visiting Play-By-Play Heaven, exemplified by the iconic sportscasters quoted at the top of this page. The purpose here is to provide examples of my work as I've returned to what I was doing right out of college as well as explain decades of experience that add immense value to what I can offer a team. You'll find my resume and that personal history on the "About" page and examples of my work with the independent minor league Pittsburg Diamonds and high school football on the "Listen and Contact" page.


"Holy Cow!"
"You Can Tell It Goodbye!"
"I Don't Believe What I Just Saw!"
"The Impossible Has Happened!"
"The Giants Win The Pennant!"

Thanks to Harry Caray,

Lon Simmons, Jack Buck,

Vin Scully and Russ Hodges.

Play By Play Heaven

​​​"Scott Macdonald brought a dynamic sense of fun to the broadcasts. His exciting style and frequent sense of humor helped drive us to record ratings."

-- Timothy Banks, owner/operator,

“Scott’s play-by-play accentuated the excitement of the game and the fun of being part of Diamonds baseball. Scott’s news media outreach experience was invaluable. His nightly game recaps provided updated and fresh material for our website and timely news releases to distribute to the Bay Area sports media.”
-- Khurram Shah, owner, Pittsburg Diamonds